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Urdu Worlds is Pakistan’s best poetry site where we provide the latest and mega collection of content written in Urdu history. Here you see the poetry of famous poets who award the Urdu as a language of love. We also provide you 2 Line Poetry, Sad Poetry, Love Poetry, and Famous Urdu Ghazals. Here you can see the poetry of those poets who belong to the new Era to the first Sher written in the History of Urdu Poetry. Urdu is so wide language and many poets in Urdu give him great worth. Famous Poets of Urdu Poetry are Mir Taqi Mir, Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib, Amir Meenai, Momin Khan Momin, and Allama Muhammad Iqbal. These poets gave Urdu a new way to show the world as the greatest language in Urdu Poetry.

The Urdu language is a major and important language of South Asia. It is so popular language of the Indian subcontinent and also increasing its popularity day by day. As we also know it is the national language of Pakistan and everybody in Pakistan knows this language. This was first spoken in the Indian subcontinent and also become famous there. The Urdu Language is most similar to the Hindi Language in spoken but the writing style of these languages is so different. The writing style of Urdu is most similar to Arabic and Persian Language but Hindi is based on the writing style of the Sanskrit Language. Urdu and Hindi Languages are the most popular and most speaking Languages in the world. According to estimation if we combine speakers of both languages it would become the third most speaking language of the world

Urdu is the National language of the world and is spoken in many countries of the world like Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Nepal, and Bangladesh, etc. It is the standard language of the subcontinent and also even most speaking language in the subcontinent especially Pakistan. According to Statistics of 1999 speakers of the Urdu Language are about 80 Million. After Hindi, it is the fourth most speaking language in the world. In India at those places where Muslims are in minority speak Urdu.

The history of the Urdu language is so old. It has been said that in 1193 when Muslim armies entered Dehli they were called Urdu (Urdu is a Turkish word. It means army) by their civilians. The people there speak the Hindi language there but Muslims know the Persian language so that communicating with each other was a bit difficult. Then they mix these languages and we have seen a new language Urdu.

The Urdu Poetry starts in the fourteen century and Ameer Khusro was the First Poet of Urdu but he was born in 1253 but at this time Urdu is not even taken as a legendary language. But as the 18th century begins Urdu Poetry become a trend and we see many famous poets at this time like Mir Taqi Mir, Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib, Momin Khan Momin, Amir Meenai, and Allama Iqbal. These personalities give Urdu a new start-up and we saw a huge upgrade in Urdu Poetry. Mir Taqi Mir is the greatest poet of Urdu but Mirza Ghalib is also well-known and most famous in Urdu Poetry. The Urdu language reached its peak during the British rule and Poets got Scholarships from British kings. But in the 19th century, Allama Muhammad Iqbal writes many poems because the Muslims of the subcontinent were treated like slaves to awake the Muslims to fight for their rights. At this time it was the age of poetry so he decides to use poetry to achieve his goal.


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